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apologetics ministryThe Watchman Fellowship is a Christian Apologetics Ministry that has been around since 1979.  It focuses on researching various organizations, individuals, religions, philosophies, and cults and then comparing them with the standards found in the Bible.  Watchman has a strong emphasis on doctrine and evangelism.

Apologetics Ministry

We recently had a James Walker, President of Watchman Fellowship, come to our church to speak about the marks of a true Christianity versus pseudo Christian cults.  He did an excellent job in the morning and in the evening service, he spoke about the comparisons and contrasts between Christianity and Islam.  It was very enlightening, interesting, and well researched.

I Have Made You A Watchman

Their ministry uses the the verse from Ezekiel 33:7 as their theme.  “Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me. Ezekiel 33:7 (NIV)  In this passage God speaks to the prophet Ezekiel and tells him to sound out a warning to His people, Israel.  He tells Ezekiel that He has set him as a Watchman, a Guard, to safeguard His people.  He must be in a state of constant readiness to sound the alarm at the first sign of danger.  Failing to do so could mean certain death and destruction for Israel.

Apologetics Ministry Must Know Sound Doctrine

In the context of Christian ministry, a watchman must be ready to hear any new wind of doctrine and test it against the truth of Scripture and be ready to sound the alarm when a new message comes out that threatens to drag Christians away from the eternal truth of Scripture and trap the unsaved in a quagmire of falsehood.

Watchman Fellowship Provides Profiles on 400 Cults and False Doctrines

I would encourage everyone to stop by their website and check out some of their free resources.  One of the best things they do is put out a monthly profile on a different pseudo Christian cult, or new philosophy, or individual.  They have a digital version of more than 400 profiles that I would highly recommend to every evangelical Christian leader.  It is a ready reference at your fingertips whenever some parent comes up asking about something his or her child may be getting involved with.

Watchman Profile For Atheist Richard Dawkins

I am going to make one of those profiles available on well-known evolutionist and atheist evangelist, Dr. Richard Dawkins.  He has written numerous books endorsing evolution in very popular prose, including The Blind Watchmaker, The God Delusion, The Selfish Gene, and others.  He writes in a way that ridicules Christians and faith, and yet his books are filled with logical fallacies.  He is a pied piper that is popular on the secular college campuses.  Feel free to download the four page profile here.  It is not a huge expose, but it at least explains where he is coming from.

Click Here to Download Profile on Atheist Richard Dawkins

I would strongly recommend this organization.  Check out some of the videos on their website, read their articles, and schedule James Walker or someone from their ministry to come out to your church this year.

Get a copy of the of their profiles to carry on your iPad or iPhone for quick reference.  This is especially helpful for Pastors, Youth Pastors, Christian School teachers, Seminary professors, and others who work with people and occasionally get a question about some group or some individual who is exerting some influence over their family or friends.

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PS  I would also encourage you to get a copy of my book, A Guidebook for Searchers:  Is There Really Evidence Behind Faith? in Kindle or paperback.  It is a great first step to having an Apologetics Ministry.



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