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Strategic Church Growth ConsultantWhat is a Strategic Church Growth Consultant? And why would anyone need one?

Church Growth Consultants are More Crucial Than Ever

Most people who attend church regularly do not even consider the need for their church to grow. They picked a church that seemed to fit them. It seemed to have the ministries they needed at the time and was the size that was comfortable for them. Why would anyone want to change that?

These newer members probably never really considered that the church they recently joined may have been very small just a few years before and grew to the size it is now. Or that the church once had a very large weekly attendance but has  experienced a steady decline over the past decade and has leveled off at about half its previous size.

Watch Out for “Inside The Maze” Perspective

Your church may be aggressively following the Great Commission but seems to keep hitting a growth ceiling. Or you may be a concerned member or a Pastor of a congregation which has experienced decline and you want to know how to turn things around.   Regardless, of which situation you may be in, it is often difficult to accurately see the real problems and solutions from an “inside the maze” perspective. You may know the problem, but not see the solutions. Or your team may be firmly convinced of solutions but you have not actually diagnosed the real issue. So many churches keep swinging and hitting the rock in the same place thinking it will eventually break but unfortunately they are hitting the wrong spot. Someone sold them on an idea of “the one right way to grow a church” and they keep on successfully working the wrong plan for their context.

Church Growth Consultants Seek Higher Ground

This is where a strategic church growth consultant can really be helpful. Your church needs an outside perspective, someone with knowledge, tools, perspective, and a heart to help you fulfill the burden God has placed in your heart. Often, it takes an outsider, an objective third party, a person without any hidden agenda except helping you and your church assess your current situation and sketch a map toward victory that the church family can get behind and achieve together. Perhaps the way you have been trying to do things works in some contexts, but it will not work in your context. Cell groups work in the dense apartment communities of Seoul Korea but maybe not as well in West Texas. Urban inner city worship works beautifully in Brooklyn, but maybe not in your suburb. It is perfectly ok to admire a ministry for what they are doing to reach their community without feeling like you “must” reproduce it in your own setting if you also want to see God Bless your ministry with souls and growth. Unfortunately church leaders often attend a conference and get sold on a magic method that promises to solve their problems and let them see a new Pentecost. Worse yet is the trap of moving from conference to conference and method to method without ever seeing the results. This is discouraging for pastors, but totally demolishing for members. In fact, after a few failures, committed members will simply smile at your new plan or strategy and only give it a half-hearted effort. 

Limited Resources is a Good Reason to Use a Good Strategic Church Growth Consultant

Being strategic in your thinking and planning is so important because we have limited resources, including our own people, to work with and we cannot afford to waste time, energy, money, and good will on strategies that do not have great potential for success. Have you ever considered that one possible plan for successful church growth might involve something which your church even abandoned long ago such as Vacation Bible School. This may not be right for all churches, but it is still very effective for a majority of churches when done properly. Most churches have stopped having Revivals, or Evangelistic Crusades. Your church may have experienced horrible failure the last time this was attempted in 1994. However, there seems to be a resurgence in using Harvest Evangelists, such as Scott Camp or Ronnie Hill, with great and lasting effects. These men work with many local churches in many settings and usually have a plan that works for your church when followed.

Consultants Help Churches Find Powerful Resources

A strategic church growth consultant can help you see possibilities for outreach in your community you may never have seen before. He may also help you find resources you did not know existed, some of which may even be free!

What if Lewis and Clark had never met Sacajawea?  What if the pilgrims had not met Squanto? They would only be footnotes in an obscure history book. Fortunately, they met good consultants and the rest is history!

You and your church can make history too, with a little help from your friends.

The Longer You Wait The Steeper The Path

Higher Purpose Ministries has a burden to help small and medium size churches find the next step on their journey to fulfill God’s Purpose. Call Kelly Carr to have a conversation and a Coke Zero to get started.

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