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A Catalyst Crusade is a Church Growth Revival.  As a Pastor, I have hosted many Revivals in my churches.  I have worked with both Vocational Evangelists and Pastors and had wonderful times of mass evangelism, heartfelt repentance, and spiritual refreshing and renewal.  But most of those times did not really help my churches “grow.”  Churches in America are in mass decline.  Some are plateaued.  Very few are actually growing.  This is a national trend that is reflective of the anti-religious times in which we live.  Yet some churches are experiencing tremendous growth.  Some of them are reaching young adults which is a group that almost all churches are struggling to reach.

“A plateaued church will inevitably decline unless something intervenes to change that.”

The Catalyst Crusade is different because it focuses on helping the Pastor, Staff, and People learn the principles that actually grow your church.  It is a revival or crusade that is designed to have an evangelistic outreach.  However, it also focuses on coaching the Pastor, Staff, and People on these principles and techniques that work TODAY.

Question:  “Would you be willing to invest 4 days in the life of your church if it could really help your church bust out of decline and rise above the plateau?” 

I think most Pastors who love their churches and believe in the Great Commission would answer, “YES!”  That is why I have designed the Catalyst Crusade.  It involves 4 Days of Revival (Sunday – Wednesday), and 3 Phases of Catalyst Coaching (Pre-Revival Consulting, Revival Connecting, and Post Revival Growth Plan).

The 3 Phases of Catalyst Coaching involve:

  • Pre-Revival Coaching.  Dr. Carr meets with Pastor and Staff 4-6 weeks prior to Revival to gather basic information on the church’s ministry.  This includes gathering information from the annual ACP reports, Worship Attendance reports, Sunday School reports, building and facility reports, etc.
  • Revival Connecting.  This involves much of the typical work that is done during a church revival or crusade.  There are nightly services, evangelistic themes for each service, and times of making new connections into your community.  It will also include coaching the people in some of the basic principles of church growth that are involved in the services.
  • Post Revival Growth Plan.  After the revival meeting is over, there is the normal follow up on decisions, but there is more.  Dr. Carr will take the analysis from the the Pre-Revival Coaching and the time spent in ministry during the revival to put together a Customized One Year Church Growth Plan for your church and Community.  You will also receive a Basic People Assimilation Plan which works in this new generation, Best Practices for Growing Churches, Facilities Recommendations for Growth, and more.

Click Below to Download the Catalyst Crusade Brochure in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.



While you cannot change the SBC, or any other denomination, or even reverse the decline of religious values in America, you CAN turn YOUR CHURCH around and Bust out of Decline! You Can Rise Above the Plateau!

Without some type of Catalyst, a plateaued church will eventually decline.  If you look at the edge of a mesa or plateau, you can see the steep and jagged edge.  When you get to the edge of the plateau, the drop can be dangerous and much faster than expected.  In fact, most churches are only 3 or 4 bad decisions away from serious decline which is almost impossible to overcome.

Call and Get your Catalyst Crusade on the Calendar.

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As a Pastor he led his church to triple in attendance and quadruple in annual giving.  As a church planter he led his church to more than double in attendance.  He has led multiple building campaigns and capital campaigns.  He has taught preaching classes, theology classes, leadership conferences, church growth conferences, preached many Revivals, and was the featured speaker on “30 Minutes to Freedom” for 10 years.  He is a writer and a publisher who uses his publishing company, Franklin Publishing, to help other Pastors and Evangelists achieve their dream of getting published.  Call to schedule him for your event now!

Currently working from Greenville, Texas.

Dr. Kelly Carr is available for Evangelistic Emphasis, Church Growth Consulting, Pulpit Supply, Intentional Interim, Church Leader Training, Revelation Bible Conference, etc. “Let me buy you a Coke Zero and talk about your dreams for your church and community.”

Let’s Talk about a High Attendance Day or Friend Day emphasis to kick off your individual church growth plan.

Revive us again;
Fill each heart with Thy love;
May each soul be rekindled
With fire from above.

Hallelujah! Thine the glory.
Hallelujah! Amen.
Hallelujah! Thine the glory.
Revive us again.

This old hymn by William Mackay expresses the desire of many believers to know God at a deeper level and to experience their “first love” of Jesus Christ all over again.

In a very real sense that is what a “Revival” is all about.  I grew up in a day of revivals and crusades.  It was also a very enjoyable time when I could hear wonderful preachers other than my Pastor, and hear great music, and fellowship with other believers on a spiritual level and be challenged by God in a new way.

Revivals help the church:

  • Reclaim the Backslidden
  • Redeem the Lost, and
  • Re-Energize Believers

(As you may or may not be able to tell, I am using the word Revival for a series of church services usually held during a brief period of time, a week or less.  Perhaps the term, meeting, or crusade, or conference, might be a more familiar term to you.)

Click Here to Download the Free Revival Preparation Guide

Our churches do not really have as many Revivals as we used to.  Perhaps that is because our culture has changed.  We have much busier schedules.  We have more schedule conflicts.  The family has changed.  Entertainment keeps us busy 7 days a week.  This list could go on.  However, sometimes we really need to set aside a week as a church family and get away from all of those things.  What could happen in your church if everyone could dedicate one week to getting in tune with God and each other?  What lives could be changed?  What relationships could be mended?  What godly commitments could be made?  What souls could be saved?

Types of Revivals

There are many different reasons for a church to schedule a Revival and many different types of Revivals.  I have been on both ends of the Revival or Crusade.  I have worked with dozens of Evangelists through the years and invited them to my church.  I have also been invited as a visiting Evangelist to other churches and seen God do amazing things.  So I feel I can speak from both viewpoints.

As a Pastor, I sometimes scheduled a Vocational Evangelist for a Revival because I sensed our church was ready to reap a harvest of souls.  We had planted and watered, and now we wanted to see people saved, usually people we had been praying for.

Sometimes I scheduled a Vocational Evangelist that had gifts in encouraging Christians to greater Christian commitment.  Maybe I sensed a lack of urgency or a lack of desire on the part of our congregation and knew it was time for a new challenge by a gifted leader.

Occasionally, I scheduled a Vocational Evangelist who was really good at confronting issues.  Maybe I sensed that we as a church really needed to be confronted in a way that I as a Pastor could not do.

There were times when I schedule a fellow Pastor with a great gift of preaching to come and preach a revival.  Perhaps our church needed some good preaching and fellowship and encouragement.  Pastors are also good at all-around ministry.  Sometimes these Pastors were very gifted in one area of ministry such as mobilizing the church for evangelism or tithing or prayer or even Sunday School.

Revival Schedules

When I was young and the world was much less complex I remember having week-long Revival meetings lasting from Sunday to Sunday.  I have even preached one that long.  Today that is just too long for most situations in America.

I have seen Revivals scheduled Sunday through Wednesday, or Thursday, or Friday.

I have seen Revivals scheduled Saturday through Friday and everything in between.

Here is what I have seen most effective:

Sunday Morning through Wednesday night.  If your church has a traditional schedule that already meets on Sunday Evening and Wednesday Evening, then you are only asking people for 2 extra days of commitment.  At least you are only asking your church leaders for 2 extra days; Monday and Tuesday.  Here is why this tends to be more effective.  Sunday morning is your church’s largest crowd and working hard to get everyone there for that day to hear the Evangelist is your most effective plan for getting them there the rest of the week.  Wednesday night tends to be the best night to get Youth to church.  The other services are great opportunities for targeting special groups within the church such as the ladies, the men, the children, the church leaders, etc.

I have also seen very effective One Day Revivals and Two Day Revivals.  These are both very compressed schedules, however in today’s very hectic world they are often the best chance to reach everyone in your church.

Keys to Success in Your Revival

The first key to good success in a Revival is choosing a good Evangelist.  No matter how well you plan, schedule, work, pray, or sing, if you do not choose a good Evangelist that your people will love to listen to, you will not have success.  You cannot overcome a bad evangelist or a poor speaker.

The next key to good success is mobilizing your church to pray before the Revival begins.  You can often do this through your regular services, Sunday school or small groups and cottage prayer meetings.

Other great opportunities that can contribute to the success of a Revival are bringing in a celebrity to give a testimony, scheduling special meals, scheduling special training times, cottage prayer meetings prior to the Revival, and others.

One little know key to success in your revival is using a team.  While this is should be clearly understood and we use teams in everything else we do in church life, an evangelistic team is often overlooked.  You need a Revival Team within your church.  Dr. Carr has literature that will help you put your church team together based on the type of Revival you choose to schedule.  You also need an Evangelistic TeamPlease let Dr. Carr consult you on putting together a team to bring in during your church’s next revival or let him assemble the best team available.  This is something an out of state evangelist will never be able to do since he simply will not have access to local resources.  If this is a new concept to you, then please call Kelly at 903-456-7177 and set up a time to just talk about the extreme benefits of this plan.  It is really not as costly or complicated as you might think to assemble a great evangelistic team for your church.

Click Here to Download the Free Revival Preparation Guide

When scheduling a Revival it is essential to consider the timing.  Do not plan the Revival during significant holidays such as Memorial Day or Labor Day.  People will already plan their time off.  Do not plan Revivals during significant times on the local community calendar such as the first or last week or school, or parades or sports playoffs.  Use common sense and try to avoid barriers that are already in place.  Sometimes church scheduling is like an obstacle course and you are better off to avoid the ones you know you cannot overcome.  Your people will also tend to appreciate the fact that you did not make them go to church on Superbowl night.

Arizona Revivals

One reason why Revivals Tend to be used less frequently in Arizona may be different than you think.  Some people think that they just do not work.  That is not true.  Revival meetings and crusades are still very effective.  The strategies are changing, but the effect is still positive.  The greatest reason for using them less in Arizona is simply due to a lack of great Vocational Evangelists.  Most Evangelists are located in the South where there are more churches who will use them.  Fewer churches mean that fewer evangelists can be supported and used.  So, in order to bring in a great evangelist who knows how to lead a church to attract people and hear from God, it costs a great deal.  The cost is the prohibitive factor.  Flying in someone from out of state and putting them up in a hotel and making sure you have enough of a love offering to make it worth their time since this is their full time income, can be very scary to a church of less than 200 in weekly attendance, even more.

Revivals require a step of faith.  Faith in God, faith in the preacher, and faith in the congregation.  Having someone close at hand can help to lower the risks involved and give the Pastor, and the church a good positive experience and be ready to experience Revival again later on a larger scale.

Schedule a Revival, Meeting, or Conference with Dr. Carr

If you are interested in scheduling a One Day, Two Day, or Sunday through Wednesday Revival, give Dr. Carr a call and get some information regarding schedules.  It is often best to just get together.  The only cost involved in meeting with Dr. Carr is usually just a Coke Zero.  Call anytime at 903-456-7177.  Email is often the best way of getting through.  You can reach him by email at kelly@carrsmail.com .

Ready to be “rekindled?”







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