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Beyond the Farthest Star Movie

Beyond the Farthest Star

“Beyond The Farthest Star” was actually filmed in Texas in the cities of Leonard and Celeste so many of us will recognize some of the sites in the movie.  That is a good enough reason to see it for most of us.  But it offers even more than that.  It is a throat gripping story that will make you feel like you have lived through this yourself.  It is a movie about relationships and the things that really count in life.


A twist of fate brings the national spotlight to a forgotten Texas town and a once famous preacher has an opportunity to regain his former glory or seize one last chance to restore his fractured family.

Narrated by his fifteen-year-old daughter, Beyond the Farthest Star tells the story of Pastor Adam Wells, a minister driven by the prospect of achieving greatness as the next nationally syndicated TV Evangelist who must decide whether to give up his opportunity at “celebrity” and, even his own life, in order to become something even greater…

A loving husband and father to his wife and daughter.

Impact of the Movie So Far

I recently met with Benjamin Dane, the producer of Beyond the Farthest Star, and was impressed not only by the story of the movie, but by the impact the movie has already had before its main release.  Best-selling Christian authors, Bodie and Brock Thoene, were so impressed that they wrote a story based on the movie.  They said, “Beyond the Farthest Star brings the very real war on the family into sharp focus with laser-like intensity. We were blown away by this story!”

A few years back the song “Beauty for Ashes” by Crystal Lewis, won the Dove Award and was the number one Christian song in America.  Crystal Lewis was also one of those who pre-screened the film and said, “This film shows that there is hope, that restoration and redemption can come out of the darkness, and that beauty truly can be found among the ashes.”  In fact, she was inspired to record a new version of her song, “Beauty for Ashes” which now plays at the end of the movie.  The movie also inspired a Thomas Kinkade painting.

Should You Go See Beyond The Farthest Star?

So much of Hollywood seems to be committed to ignoring Christian values, or worse.  We all love to bemoan the fact that there are few decent family films available today.  So when a “faith based” film like this one comes out, we ought to support it.  This film is “edgier” than “Courageous” but that may be what makes it more real.  It is rated PG  13 and please read all the reviews before going to see the movie.  But it is a movie worth seeing and supporting.  In fact, this is movie to take your unsaved friends to.  It may just open up a dialogue about faith and give you an opportunity to talk about the difference your own faith has made in your life and family.

Highland Terrace Baptist Church Purchased Tickets for Beyond the Farthest Star

“Beyond the Farthest Star” will open and premiere here in Greenville, Texas October 18 through October 20thHighland Terrace Baptist Church will be cancelling our evening worship service on Sunday, October 20th so that our members will be able to attend the movie.  We have bought 125 tickets at this time.  Our members will be able to purchase them from us.  If you need childcare, you will need to sign up for that at the time you purchase your tickets.

Hope to see you there.

Bro. Kelly

For more information about the movie go to www.BeyondTheFarthestStar.com

Some of the cast for Beyond The Farthest Star

Cherami Leigh, Barry Corbin, Andrew Prine, Lou Beatty Jr., Tyler Corie, Shawn Roe, Renee O’Connor, Todd Terry, Amber Carrington,

Crew for Beyond the Farthest Star Movie

Writer and Director :  ANDREW LIBRIZZI,

Producers:  Benjamin Dane and SALLY HELPPIE,

Pathlight Entertainment

Watch Movie Trailer Below



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