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invitation counselingWhen asked to do invitation counseling what should you say?

Ever wonder what you would do or say if you were suddenly thrust into a position?  What if you were suddenly had to take the chair answering 911 calls?  What if the NEWS showed up on your front porch at 6:00 AM and asked for a statement?  While those situations may seem a little “far out” think of what you might say if someone asked you about a spiritual issue they were struggling with or a decision they were getting ready to make.

Invitation Counseling

All of those scenarios have training that is available to help people who are placed in those positions.  And the same is true of invitation counseling.”  You may wonder what you would say to someone who comes forward during a church service or during a revival service.  The invitation is a time when the Holy Spirit is at work and people are struggling with some decisions.  They need some spiritual guidance.  It is a situation that Christians can prepare for.  The training that is offered there is very helpful and useful in other situations such as when a friend asks a question about spiritual issues, when you go on a mission trip, or when your own child or grandchild is looking for some guidance from above.

What Do I Say?

When I have recruited people to counsel those who respond during the invitation, the question I am often asked is, “What do I say?”  In preparation for our Crusade with Evangelist Ronnie Hill October 25-28, we will be offering training for those who will be serving as “Invitation Counselors” or “Encouragers.”  We will be discussing what to say and what to avoid saying.  We will be showing how to use some of the tools that we are providing for the “Encouragers,” and we will be showing everyone exactly when and where to be and the process to take a new believer through.

The Blessing of Being an Invitation Counselor

As I look back over years of standing down front during church invitations, revival invitations, and camp invitations, etc., I am reminded of the extreme privilege it is to be present at such a time.  I am also reminded of the extreme joy of having been there at a crucial time, and the lasting friendships that have come from it.  And I know how much it helps to have good invitation counseling resources like those provided by the North American Mission Board, or Lifeway.

Training is Available for Invitation Counseling

If you would like to be involved as an “Invitation Counselor” or “Decision Counselor” or “Encourager” during our Crusade, we really do need you and even if you do not feel like you could do this, the training could be very valuable to you.  Bob Poole, will be leading our training this year and we will get the details of the training times to you very soon.  Right now just pray about learning how to talk to someone that the Holy Spirit is leading to made a decision for Christ.

Keep Looking Up!

Bro. Kelly


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