The Day that Turned the World Around


Easter Can Be the Day that Turns Your World

A wise man once said, “Before you turn the world around, you have to turn yourself around.”  Easter is the day that turned the world around.  Some people did not recognize it right away, others did.  John said it was dark when the disciples first went to the tomb on Easter.  “Now on the first day of the week Mary Magdalene came early to the tomb, while it was still dark, and saw the stone already taken away from the tomb.”  (John 20:1).  That is a metaphor for life.  It was dark when they went, but things changed rapidly.  Easter brought light to a dark world.  These people had an Easter Experience or a Third Day experience.

The Day That Turned the World Around for Them:

  •  John    “he saw and believed”     John 20:8
  • Mary Magdalene   “I have seen the Lord,”  John 20:10-18
  • Disciples   “The disciples then rejoiced when they saw the Lord.”              John 20:20
  • Thomas  “Thomas answered and said to Him, ‘My Lord and my God!’”  John 20:28

NOT the Day that Turned the World Around for Everyone

Not everyone who lived through the Third day was changed by it.  The Guards, Chief Priests, Elders lived through the third day and remained unchanged.  (Matthew 28:11-15)  The Fact of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ will not turn your life around.  It is a fact; a fact of history.  The fact alone will not change your life any more than the fact that there is plenty of money on the world will make you rich.  What will change your life?  Take away the letter “F” and you have, “ACT.”  You have to “act on the fact.”  We call that trust or faith.  Faith is Acting on the Facts.  The guards didn’t.  The religious leaders didn’t.  They knew about the prediction.  They knew about the miracle.  They tried to ignore it, cover it up.  But those who ACTED on the FACT turned their lives around and God used them to Turn the World Around.

A Brief Word about Easter Sunday at HTBC:

  • Invite someone from your GAMEPLAN Card to Worship and Sunday School.
  • Dress for Class Pictures.  Capture the Special Moments of Life.
  • Park Friendly – Shuttles will be running so if you are able leave the closer spots open for guests.
  • Sit Friendly – Sit closer to the front and middle and try leave plenty of space for guests.
  • Be Friendly – We are ALL GREETERS. So make eye contact, smile, be welcoming.

Let this Easter be the Day That Turned the World Around for you or someone you know.

Christ Is Risen!

Bro. Kelly

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