Daniel Bible Study


Daniel Bible StudyAnnouncing a Brand New Daniel Bible Study for Wednesday Evenings this Summer!

Daniel: Cracking The Ancient Code To The End Times

Led by Dr. Kelly Carr

Two and a half millennia ago the seat of world power was firmly rooted in the eastern hemisphere and held securely in the grip of a few very powerful and violent men. These men, descended of the powerful Nimrod, himself, were towers of wealth, physical strength, royal bearing, military prowess, and superior spiritual powers, or so it seemed.

Through no fault of their own, four teenage boys, we ripped away from the comfort of their homes and families and carried away captive into the land of the Chaldeans. No doubt they heard the cries of their loved ones as they were bound and dragged away. They must have looked woefully over their sagging shoulders to see their beloved city, Jerusalem, being plundered by their savage invaders. Her walls were torn down and left defenseless before her enemies. This nation and its people had been so blessed by God. They had received direct revelation from God and were acquainted with His promises and divine provision. But due to a few generations of rebellious leaders, these teenage boys were gazing upon their beloved home for the last time, and seeing the sad lesson of the chaos which rebellion brings.

Judah had been conquered by the ruthless general, Nebuchandnezzar, son of the power hungry King of Babylon, Nabopolassar. Daniel and his friends were being marched back to Babylon along with the rest of his battle plunder to serve in his royal court. As they trudged on to the land of the Chaldeans, they must have remembered the sermons of God’s judgment to come on their nation from men like of Isaiah, Habakkuk and others.The thoughts that must have consumed their minds were, “What will become of our nation and our people?” “How about all of the promises that God made to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses? How can they ever be fulfilled now?” “How can we survive and how should we live for Jehovah God in a secular and superstitious place like Babylon?” “What is God’s purpose for us now?”

The New Bible Study on Daniel Investigates an Ancient Hidden Code

The ancient book of Daniel in the Hebrew Scriptures reveals the answers to these questions. It is one of the most exciting books in the entire Bible. It tells of palace intrigue, royal opulence, personal courage, conquering armies, private stories of world leaders gone mad, the reversal of peer pressure, dreams with a spiritual message, the value of integrity, angelic powers fighting battles hidden from view, and more. Throughout this unique book, God reveals to Daniel a hidden code concerning the future of Israel and the coming world empires that will control them. Clues to this ancient code are found throughout the book.  God even reveals to Daniel a precise timeline of future events that can bring hope to him, his people, and to all who trust in God.

Join us as we begin the Daniel Bible study of Daniel: Cracking The Ancient Code To The End Times, on Wednesdays, beginning June 8.  Bring your Bible, a notepad and heart to follow the Lord.  Highland Terrace Baptist Church

Bro. Kelly



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