Daily Prayer Journal: A Prayerbook For Daily Devotions


Daily Prayer Journal, Prayerbook, Daily Devotional, 2959 PlanJust 10 or 15 minutes a day in can change your life forever.  The “Daily Prayer Journal” is a proven and easy method of spending 10 or 15 minutes with God in prayer and Bible reading.  It is a prayerbook worth having.

One essential in becoming healthy and growing Christians is to be consistent in our daily devotional time with God.  There are certain activities that enhance our spiritual growth and development, just as there are certain activities that will diminish our spiritual health and vitality.

A Spiritual Journal

This “Daily Prayer Journal” is designed to be a tool that helps people develop and maintain a daily time with God and keep a journal of answered prayer and spiritual insights that are learned.  It is also designed to be a resource in other areas of a person’s spiritual life such as prayer, Bible study, evangelism, church life, and worship.

This book is designed to be interactive. Personalize it by adding your own prayer requests, and keeping a journal of answers to prayer, and important truths God has taught you. Include the date you first began praying for each request and the date that God answered your prayer.It will become a record of your own spiritual journey. You may want to get a new version each year.

A Prayerbook Organized Around Your Weekly Schedule

Each weekday section is designed to emphasize a different subject so that we develop a well-rounded prayer life. Each weekday section also has its own suggested prayer list for you to journal.  It is modeled after the excellent 2959 Plan.

The Table of Contents Reveals the Weekly Organization of the Book


Welcome To Your Daily Prayer Journal

You Might Prefer The Printed Version

Introductory Section

Five Purposes of the Church and Believers


Our Core Values

A Daily Checklist

The Four (or Five) ACTS of Prayer

ACTS Daily Prayer Sheet

Praying The Model Prayer

Daily Requests Prayer Sheet 1

My Impact List


The Significance of Sunday

Sunday Prayer List


The Attributes of God

Monday Prayer List


Names of God in the Bible

Tuesday Prayer List


The “I Am” Titles of Jesus

Wednesday Prayer List


Who Is The Holy Spirit?

Thursday Prayer List


My New Identity in Christ

Friday Prayer List


Genuine Personal Spiritual Growth

Saturday Prayer List

Pastor’s Prayer Partners

Bible Study

The Book of Books

What Kind of Book is the Bible?

Can We Really Understand the Bible?

Bible Study Methods

Bible Reading Plans

Start Taking Sermon Notes

Personal Evangelism

Praying the Scripture

Thank You

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Customize This Book for Your Own Church.

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You Might Also Enjoy The Kindle Version

I think you will greatly enjoy the Kindle Version of the “Daily Prayer Journal.”  You can easily take it anywhere you take your Kindle or other mobile device.  While the printed version has the benefits of recording your own requests and insights, the Kindle version has the benefit of portability.  Since your “Daily Prayer Journal” is something that you will want to use on a daily basis you will want to keep it close to you to use for your devotions.  This way you will have access to it wherever you take your phone or tablet.

Look for the “Daily Prayer Journal” prayer book in the Kindle Store at Amazon.


A Customizable Prayer Book

Customize This Book in Printed Form for Your Own Church

If you are a Pastor or Ministry Leader and you would like to order the “Daily Prayer Journal” customized for your own church or ministry with your church name on the cover and a Preface by the Pastor, you can contact Dr. Carr through his website, www.HigherPurposeMinistries.com.

The Daily Prayer Journal is a simple and inexpensive tool to use to encourage your people in their daily devotions and motivate them to pray regularly for your ministry for the next year.


Your fellow pilgrim,

Dr. Kelly Carr

Click Here to Contact Dr. Carr about Customizing the Daily Prayer Journal for your own church or ministry.

Click Here to See The “Daily Prayer Journal” Kindle Version.

Click Here to See the “Daily Prayer Journal” Printed Version.  (Coming Soon)

Click Below if you prefer the Nook Version

Daily Prayer Journal in Nook

Make the next 52 weeks of devotions count with your “Daily Prayer Journal.”  Your faith will grow as you track God’s work in your life.


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