Dads Need Support


dads need supportDads Need Support Too

Wait a minute!  Dads are supposed to BE the support!  How can you say Dads NEED support?  Well, both are true.  Think about a few of the roles that Dads are called upon to fill.  He is a husband, father, worker, leader, servant, chief financial support, recreation supervisor, sheriff, judge, jury, buddy, advisor, ATM, IT, mechanic, spider killer, monster hunter, spiritual leader, concordance, encourager, prayer partner, coach, sports analyst, political expert, fire arms expert, fireworks expert, grandad, uncle, brother, son, heavy lifter, yard man, swimming instructor, body guard, driver, driving instructor, taxi, delivery man, etc., and most of those things are just on the weekends.  LOL

The “One Another” Commands

So, Dads do need at least some support.  I have to confess there are a lot of things on that list that I am not good at.  A LOT!  Fortunately, no one has to be an expert in all of those things, and no one is.  God knows that and that is why He said we need one another.  That is why the Bible gives more than 30 “one another” commands in the New Testament.  We cannot even obey the Bible without being in support relationships with other believers.  Rick Warren says, “The Bible teaches fellowship is not optional for a Christian; it is mandatory.”  We are to love one another, encourage one another, serve one another, build up one another, be devoted to one another, to name a few.

How Dads Can Give and Receive Support

So, Dads, how do we get started?  It is easier and more fun than you think.  Spend some time with a good friend.  Stan Toler’s word to men is, “You can’t do life alone, and you don’t have to.”  You weren’t designed that way.  Take a quick inventory:  besides your spouse or close relatives how many other guys do you count as close friends?  Make some friends even if you have to take the initiative.  Ask about interests, invite guys to do stuff, play some golf, go fishing, help somebody with a project, take your wife and another couple to dinner, get involved in a Sunday Morning Bible Study group, volunteer for a ministry group, try the Men’s Ministry.  Lend a hand to a new neighbor.  Speak a word of encouragement to a new family at church.  Join our church basketball team.  I realize that sometimes a spouse might think it takes away from the family time, but it is actually an investment that pays back with dividends.  Even Jesus spent time with His buddies.

God Bless Our Dads

Hope you all have a Happy Father’s Day!


Bro. Kelly


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