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Consulting is a very broad term.  Why would a Pastor or Staff Member need a Consultant?  There are a broad group of reasons.

Having been in ministry for more than 25 years as a Pastor, Church Planter, and Youth Pastor.  I have experienced many things.  Some have turned out very successful and others not so successful, but I have always learned and determined to pass on what I have learned to others so that we all do better for God’s Team.  Click here to download Ministry Sheet pdf.

Here are a few areas where you might find a need for a consultant in the course of church ministry:

  • Revival:  “Catalyst Crusade” including a “Customized One Year Church Growth Plan.”
  • “Successful Stewardship Seminar” for Pastors  Increase your church’s weekly giving.
  • “Contemporary Greeting, Follow-up, and Assimilation Training” (Most Needed Course for growing churches today.)
  • “Friend Day” Campaign Trainer, Let him train your leaders to double your attendance in one day.
  • “Strategic Church Growth Consultation” Need input on how to get through a problem?
  • “Customized One Year Church Growth Plan”  Works with you in examining your church and community to determine a plan for growth.
  • Pulpit Supply (This helps the church to get acquainted with Dr. Carr for future training opportunities.)
  • “Revelation” Bible Conference or “DANIEL: Cracking The Ancient Code To The End Times”
  • Leadership Training for your Church Staff
  • “How to Preach the Bible Like a Pro” 10 part Class

Member Training, Greeters, Teachers, Follow-up, Crisis, etc.

  • Strategic Planning:  How to Get from Point “A” to Point “B”
  • Long Range Planning:  Where do you need to go next?
  • Capital Campaign:  What is the best way to finance your dream?
  • Construction:  Didn’t teach this in seminary.
  • Church Growth:  What really works.
  • Staff Management and Teamwork
  • Increasing Weekly Giving
  • Local Professionals You Can TrustCoke Zero

Having experienced all of these things I can provide support and qualified and proven resources you can trust.  Also, just a good place to call and ask questions you might not feel comfortable asking anyone else.  (I know.  I have been there.)

The first consultation will only cost a Coke Zero.  After that you can decide on a plan that will work for your church or you may even get enough help in the first meeting to answer all your questions.

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