Christmas Sermon Series The First Family of Christmas


The First Family of Christmas

NativitySceneAs we prepare to welcome a new “First Family” in our own country, and think of our own families this Christmas, it is also a good time to reacquaint ourselves with the “real” “First Family of Christmas.”  This is the original family who sacrificed to make that first Christmas a reality for their nation and the whole world.  Their faith and their individual acts of courage and sacrifice may inspire you when you face the seemingly insurmountable challenges of life.

  • Joseph:  The Unsung Hero of Christmas 
  • Mary:  Mary’s Christmas Song
  • Jesus:  The Promised, but Unwanted Child of Christmas

Download this Christmas Series for your own enjoyment or for your congregation.  What you see above is the “bulletin copy” which you can use in your advertising materials, website, etc.  This three week series includes:

  • Fill inthe blank outlines for the bulletin for each week (in Word 2003 and PDF)
  • Completed outlines to give the A/V team as they prepare the powerpoint (in Word and PDF) (Sorry, no powerpoint slides are included)
  • A fuller booklet version of each message to fold and fit into your Bible (in Word and PDF)
  • An MP3 Audio of each message so you can listen and get a few ideas
  • An outline listing some of the video clips we used.  We used several clips from “The Nativity” and some “Igniter Videos” all of which can be purchased separately,  downloaded and inserted into your Powerpoint or Shout.  “The Nativity” clips were downloaded free from “Wingclips.”  We also used graphics from various places and do not include licenses to any of them.  There were graphics supplied from “The Nativity” that you may want to try to get yourself at no cost.

This is an original series so you don’t have to worry
about somebody else in town using the same series. 

I know what it is like preaching the holidays.  It is relentless.  And sometimes they sneak up on you in the midst of all the other urgent things you are trying to accomplish.  A series like this that is 80-90% ready can be a real benefit and a means of keeping your sanity.  I included the Microsoft Word version of the materials for easy editing.  The audios have not been edited.  They are original.  I just did not have time. 

These Christmas sermons are for use in your own church or ministry.  You can use just one message or all three.  I am making them available at a very low cost since I know that many times Pastors are purchasing these resources out of their own pockets and are never reimbursed. 

They are available for IMMEDIATE DOWNLOADEven if it is 2:00 AM on Sunday Morning!!! YIKES!!!

Someone said that Saturday night is when inspiration turns to desperation.

What’s included?

  • Resource Sheet
  • Advertising Copy
  • Bulletin Insert for Each Message
  • Completed Outline for Each Message
  • Fuller Bible Insert to use for Reference During Your Sermon
  • MP3 Audio of Each Message
  • Full Rights to Use in Your Church Now or Any Church You May Pastor in the Future







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Just in Time for Christmas

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