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Higher Purpose Ministries is dedicated to serving the Body of Christ and those in ministry who serve the Body of Christ.

Dr. Kelly Carr, Expert Author

Dr. Kelly Carr, Expert Author

Dr. Kelly Carr is the founder of Higher Purpose Ministries.  You may contact him at support at higherpurposeministries.com or kelly at carrsmail.com



Our Firm Conviction

Higher Purpose

You were designed for a Higher Purpose,
to fulfill a greater destiny in life.
Deep within each person is a Higher Purpose,
longing to be recognized,
screaming to be released,
yearning to be achieved.
You have always known it.
It is a purpose so grand that none of us can achieve it alone.
We were engineered for greatness.
Join me in pursuing life’s
Higher Purpose.

Dr. Kelly Carr

Personal Note:

Dear Fellow Pilgrim in Ministry,

I want to personally thank you for taking the time to stop by this site.  I sincerely hope it is a blessing to you.  Whether you are a Pastor looking for some ideas, a committee looking for some information, or a minister needing some coaching, I sincerely hope this site is a blessing to you.  Let me know if I can be of assistance also.

Please feel free to look around and download some of the free stuff such as, audio sermons, sermon series, e-course Searching for Answers, etc.  Also feel free to contact me personally at kelly at carrsmail.com.

Higher Purpose is a God-given desire and can be a reality for every one of us.  Take charge of your future and your life by following God’s Higher Purpose.

Your fellow pilgrim,


Who is Dr. Kelly Carr?

Dr. Carr holds degrees in ministry from Liberty University, Dallas Theological Seminary, and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He has been involved in church ministry as a Pastor, Executive Pastor and Minister of Education, Church Planter,  and Youth Pastor for more than 25 years, also holding leadership positions at the community, area, and state and national level of his denomination.  He ministers in Greenville, Texas and lives with his beautiful wife of 30 years and has three awesome children.

Click Here to download Dr. Carr’s Resume in pdf format.

 He has also written A Guidebook for Searchers:  Evidence Behind Our Faith; and Revelation:  Book of Mystery and Majesty.  His e-books include, The Wedding Vow Kit; The Wedding Rehearsal Genie; The Wedding Income Toolkit for Ministers and Officiates; and The Original Wedding Ceremony

Expert Author Status at EzineArticles.com

Expert Author Status at EzineArticles.com

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